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WHS "Garth Real Tree" SuperJanky by Ricardo Cavolo


Devilishly sexxxy vinyl with a heart of gold ⚡️

Legendary artist Ricardo Cavolo's signature modern-folk art style translated onto 8-inches of perfect vinyl. "Garth Real Tree" SuperJanky is brilliantly bold and extremely badass; featuring quadruple eyes, smoldering flames, muddy sneakers, and more face tatts than Post Malone.

8-inches tall, super vibrant vinyl. Just 750 made! SHIPPING NOW!

About the artist: Barcelona based artist Ricardo Cavolo's legendary work can be found in every corner of the world; murals in Moscow, high-end clothing stores, critically acclaimed books, album artwork, art exhibitions, and more. Doesn't matter the artistic medium, Cavolo's signature style transcends dopeness whether it's on a jean jacket or Kaytranada's album.