We are already feeling the effects of COVID-19.

During this time, we ask that you please bare with us during this time of uncertainty. Like everyone else, Scott and I still have bills, obligations, and a whole lot of stress with this all unfolding.

Sales are down and people are scared.

While we are remaining open until told otherwise, Scott is going back to construction a few days a week, while I continue to work full time. Unfortunately the bills dont stop when the world does.

We ask that you please message ahead if you are making the trip down to the shop.

We appreciate your business and we will continue to get through this crazy time together!

We love the shop more than anything and it will take more than an epidemic to slow us down!!!

Much love


WEDNESDAY: 10:00-1700
THURSDAY: 10:00-1700
FRIDAY: 10:00-1700
SATURDAY: 10:00-1700
SUNDAY: 10:00-1300
(If we shut early or not open any day, We try to give significant warning, we will post on our SOCIAL MEDIA pages as Soon as we can.
The joys of running a small Family owned Business.)
We can tailor packages also, if you wanted to arrange a Birthday or a Private Function after hours
please Email: for any more information.
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