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20% Off till 1st jan

Boglins - King Dwork Hand Puppet


Boglins - King Dwork 8” Hand Puppet

One of the most outrageous toy lines from the 80’s makes a grotesque return thanks to the folks at Tri-Action Toys! Originally created by Jim Henson Company alumni Tim Clarke, Maureen Trotto and Larry Mass in 1986, Boglins are radical hand puppets that come from a swampy bog that time forgot! 

King Dwork was found to have created some of the most notorious practical jokes in Boglin history - it was no suprise then, when he was finally made King of the Jokers, deposing the old king with a whoopee cushion, a banana peel, and a water balloon. With movable glow in the dark eyes and rustic crate packaging, this 8” puppet is a fantastic scientific sample for any budding Bogologist!