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What is an Designer/Art Toy?

Designer toys, also referred to as Art toys, are collectables and toys; created by artists and designers that are either self-produced or made by small, independent toy companies, typically in very limited edition. Artists use a variety of materials, such as ABS plasticvinylwoodmetallatexplush, and resin. Creators often have backgrounds in graphic design, Illustration, or Fine Art,
Larger figures are produced in limited editions, making them highly valuable to collectors. Smaller toys are often sold in blind packaging, similar to trading cards, giving the buyers an extra thrill of mystery. That has led to a trend called unboxing, in which excited fans open a whole case all at once in the hope of getting a rare figure
The first Designer Toys appeared in the 1990s in Hong Kong and Japan. By the early 2000s, the majority of Designer Toys were based upon characters created by popular Lowbrow artists, forever linking the two movements. 
Some artists create their toys using synthetic resin material and resin casting. After casting the resin toy receives adjustments in its details, sometimes being superficially cast on some parts. The toy can be finished using automotive paint by aerosol and sometimes receives a varnished layer above the dry painting.
A great way to bring a touch of modern art and graphic decoration to your home. These are all unique editions entirely hand-made with many different customisation techniques.
Every Photo Of Kaws is from Private Collection, Brian  Donnelly known As KAWS is one of the biggest names now in the Toy Art Game!
A New York-based artist who has made a name out of him designing limited edition toys and clothing. He is also a world-renowned artist who exhibits in museums and galleries internationally. His art stands somewhere between fine art and global commerce. He started Back in the 90's as Graffiti artist and began working on tagging is work on Bus shelters, phone booth advertisements, and billboards.  Wasnt long before popularity reached heights never before expected and these ads became increasingly sought after by the public. There are pieces to this day where KAWS has no idea where the work is.
Late 90s Kaws has opportunity to produce limited edition Toys, 
Fast Forward
And here we are Today
Kaws Since then has done Collaborations with some of the biggest designs and Brands in the World Dior, Nigo, Nike, Bathing Ape, Pharrell, Kayne West,
DC Shoes, Hennessy, Peanuts, Sesame Street,
National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) just recently in Melbourne, Australia