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The Loyal Subjects

The Loyal Subjects was born in 2009. Their Mission?  have fun, do what we like and keep true to a creative spirit. What do we value? The creative process, our ideas and most importantly, our Customers!

The Loyal Subjects - "We're a little bit Willy Wonka, dunked in a Koonsian ether topped off with some Iggy Pop." Voila! The Loyal Subjects in a nutshell.

The Loyal Subjects a company  which makes vinyl figures, among a whole bunch of rad things.Their Figures are primarily sold in blind boxes, giving that surprise element each time you open one, but there are a few exclusives and larger figures sold in 'normal' packaging.With new series having a mixture of mystery and clear boxes, so can pick your character if you get in quick, or still run the chase of the mystery!

 The Loyal Subjects is one of the leaders in art driven collectables market today  ranging from Vinyl Toys, Fiberglass Multiples, Prints, Apparel, Inflatables and Housewares - we try to bring some Jeff Koonsian energies to your living space!

 Big Ones my Grail!