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Our Funko Guarantee:

If it is a Latest Funko you will notice the image is a stock standard photo in our inventory list, If however, you will notice that there are quite a few that are actual Real Photos taken within our Store! each standard single Pop! we sell. We put in a Pop! protector free of charge as our way of showing you that we care Just as much as you do about your Treasures! We can also arrange different sizes if needed, with a little extra cost mind you, all single ones are FREE OF CHARGE! You will notice that there is a clear wrap around Plastic (cling wrap type) it is an added layer of protection my supplier does to add they dont get scratches in transit, 
You can see in the Video, What i am talking about!
Please, Please, before purchasing any of the more expensive Pop! ASK for more photos, Video etc, more than Happy to send more, As a Collector myself i know what its like, we are hear cause we love what we do and pride ourselves in looking after your Goodies before you get them! We will not EXCHANGE for change of mind or Not what thought, after PURCHASED!