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MIghty Jaxx

Based in Singapore, Mighty Jaxx is an award winning design studio specializing in developing art collectibles
Best known for their XXRAY figures, which features some familiar characters in all their guts and glory, they also count collaborations with big names like DC Comics, Cartoon Network, and MTV as part of their very impressive portfolio.

In 2012, Mighty Jaxx was established within the four walls of his bedroom.

Since their inception in 2012,  producing over a thousand designs and delivered hundreds of thousands of products to collectors all around the world. Our limited edition collectibles are designed in collaboration with world renowned artists worldwide. Artists including Big names such as; Jason Freeney, QUICCS, Juce Gace, Ron English, Huck Gee (Superplastic), WHATSHISNAME, plus so many Award winning Designers!

Glad to become the 2nd Exclusive Mighty Jaxx distributer in Australia!