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MEDICOM TOY is a japanese brand that specialises in creating collectable toys and action figures, founded in 1996. MEDICOM TOY aimed to create collectable pieces of art rather than conventional toys, thus their products are sold in limited quantities. Their most popular line of toys is the BE@RBRICK series, which is a series of bear-shaped figures imprinted with different designs.
Coming in all shapes and sizes most commonly in the 100%, 200%, 400% and the big 1000% standing at about 70 cm Tall!
The 100% Be@rbricks are often sold individually in "Blind Boxes" assortments, in which figures are packed in small boxes, and the only way to know which particular figure is inside a particular box is to purchase and open the box. The box states the frequency of each figure in percentages: Basic, 14.58 percent;
Jellybean, 11.45 percent; 
Pattern, 11.45 percent; 
Flag 9.37 percent; 
Horror, 9.37 percent; 
SF, 10.41 percent; 
Cute, 13.54 percent; 
Animal, 8.33 percent; 
Hero, 7.29 percent;
first Artist, 4.16 percent;
second Artist, 1.04 percent. 
The figures most Hyped by collectors are the "chase" figures, which are unannounced and not shown in advertisements or on the box alongside other figures in the series.