Toylectables Gaming Lounge

Console-Gaming Nirvana


 Looking for a dedicated gaming space, designed from top-to-bottom for console gamers to have the time of their lives?
Level-up your gaming by booking a session at Toylectables Toy Shop and Gaming Lounge. We’ve got all your e-sports and online gaming needs covered.
Make our lounge your F.O.B of F.U.N!
Bring a party of your friends for a few online sessions to find out once and for all who’s the GOAT. (And then have a few rematches, just to be sure!)
Or how about a different kind of team bonding experience with your colleagues and work friends?
We also cater for serious gamers looking for a training and competitive hub to sharpen squads for the next big tournament. Who knows, you can be (or beat) the next e-sports superstar at Toylectables!



Everyone is welcome!
Toylectables Gaming Lounge is a home for all console gamers. Bring your world into our shop. It doesn't matter who you are. Or what you play, or your platform of choice. You’ll always get the e-sports gold standard service and experience. Zero XP required!
We understand gamers. We’re staffed by people like you. People who are passionate about gaming. People who are committed to making your visit comfortable, memorable, and deadly fun.
Join our expanding and friendly community IRL or online.
We love connecting with gamers. And we relish seeing friendships, squads, and communities growing together. Come as a customer, leave as a friend, return as a bestie!
Because your squad deserves the best
Whatever your game, Toylectables Gaming Lounge equips you for victory and fits you for fun.
Feel the exhilaration of your favourite game the way it’s meant to be played on one of our 55 inch Full HD screens. Immerse yourself in your game world with our state of the art gaming headphones. No sticky buttons, only the best equipment for our best friends
We take as good care of our rigs as you take care of yours at home. And just like you, we always make sure that they’re serviced with the best components from the best suppliers.
We’re always upgrading to stay on the leading edge.  Contact us if you’d like to know more about our hardware or facilities.
  • 10  24 inch Acer gaming screens 1m/s
  • 6 Xbox X
  • 6 PlayStation Pro 
  • Xbox X on a 55 inch full HD screen
  • PlayStation Pro on a 55 inch full HD screen 
  • 2 Nintendo Switch's
  • Top of the range Thunder-X3 Gaming chairs. Game for Hours in pure Comfort
  • PS VR Virtual Reality Headsets
  • We have Headsets to each Console, but more than welcome to bring your own!


Games, games and more games!
Test yourself and your squad in countless games. Toylectables Gaming Lounge has it all, and then some! From the all-time classics!
Contact Us
We can’t wait to see your skills in action. If you’ve got an idea for a gaming get together among friends foes or bros, book your spot today.
Toylectables Gaming Lounge - the #1 gaming lounge on the Sunshine Coast



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